107 Battery RAA Association
The 107 Bty RAA Association committee is open to suggestions and volunteers to assist with the organisation of further reunions. Contact the Secretary, President or your Regional representative.

4 Field Regiment RAA exchange with 4 Field Regiment RA, in England May 1978
From the Facebook post of Michael Heal of 9 November 2018
These photos were taken in May 1978, when 4th Field Regiment RAA and 4th Field Regiment RA, (England) arranged to exchange 60 or 70 personnel for training purposes. I was in 107
Field Battery at this time.

The first photo was taken at RAAF Garbutt, and this is the RAF Vickers VC10 transport aircraft that brought the 4 Field Regiment RA contingent to Australia then returned with the 4 Field Regiment RAA to England.
The second photo was taken in front of HQ, 4th Fld Regiment RA, Aldershot.
The third photo was taken near Salisbury Plains, Bulford Barracks, cold and wet, a big change from hot, humid Townsville.
Fourth photo is 4 Field Regiment RAA, formed up on the Gun Park at Bulford Barracks, Salisbury Plains UK

Reunion Malaysia 2017

For service in Malaysia the Battery embarked in Sydney on the RNS Sir Lancelot, a British 'landing ship tank' loaded with stores as well as some troops, for transport to Singapore. The personnel in the Battery at this time composed approximately equal mix of National Servicemen and Regular Army members, and for a lot of these young men it was the first time they had been out of Australia. On arrival in Singapore the Battery was transported to Melaka by Train and thence to Bukit Terendak by vehicle, where the Battery commenced two year posting as part of 28 ANZUK Brigade from September 1967- September 1969.
The Battery operated over most of the Malay Peninsula combining both Artillery Firing and Infantry Patrolling. Whilst in Malaysia, a number of Battery members served on secondment for a time in both South Vietnam and Borneo.
50th Anniversary Malaysian Reunion
The concept for the anniversary return to Malaysia was developed at the Association’s 2012 Reunion in Darwin, following from a successful 2007 40th anniversary tour. Reunion planning was undertaken by Jon Eaton, with assistance from Secretary Hilton Lenard, President Warren Feakes and Noel Paterson. 107 Battery Association Reunion Malaysia 2017 attendance comprised 15 Battery veterans, 9 spouses, 7 adult children of veterans, 4 spouses and friends of the adult children and 2 grandchildren. One attendee visited his birthplace at Terendak, some fifty years earlier, during the Battery’s 1967-1969 tour of duty.  

The tour group gathers in Singapore

Touring the Melaka river

On parade at Terendak War Cemetery for service to Major Peter Badcoe, VC. Peter was the first Battery Commander of 107 Battery, after rearising at Holsworthy in 1965. He was Killed in Action in 1968 in Vietnam when serving with the Australian Army Training Team.

Visiting the Malaysian Warriors’ Association (ebullient to our National RSL) headquarters at KL.

Gathered at the very top of the Cameron Highlands.

Steam boat dinner at Cameron Highlands.

The last night function at KL, note the ‘Tiger Towers’ on the tables

The Malaysian Tour organiser, Driver and Guide at the final function